Fashion always starts with us, everyone has their own styles and looks they want to be seen in, and for that they go on fashion hunts and pick up different styles to mix them and make one of their own. Fashion counts with the culture and because of which every region has their own fashion sense.

Fashion is picked by us every day, we see people around with their different taste of dressings and we tend do decide our next days outfit automatically. It not only includes the clothing on it also includes the accessories that a re going on with the outfit and everyone loves accessories which could be just a watch or a ring or anything of their choice.

The recent trends: As we look around the friends of ours are trying to adopt The Korean Fashion with clothes, accessories, in fact even the language. Denim is becoming the recent trends as we get denim shirts, pants, skirts, boots, shoes etc. fashion is spreading most on the social medias where people like to create their image and fashion influencers and bring upon the various ideas for us.


The evergreen fashion: Do you realize? No matter how the western cultures are being adopted by us we always find our Home culture to be the most adorable one, the men have their unique attires and women have their unique one. These outfits are particularly for their own genders and cannot be interchanged hence it makes it perfect for each. Most importantly these have their background stories, how and why were such outfits made and from when did it become traditional.


Weddings: We have different collections for the weddings and again the fashion differs for every culture. Across the globe every bride-groom will select their outfits traditionally no matter what is trending around. The colors play a lot of importance in these outfits as certain colors are restricted to be worn on that day for them.

Colors are the main ingredient for Fashion which makes it worth getting on our minds and not forgetting it easily.

Conclusion: Hence fashion has many ways to evolve and exist in the society and also depends on the people’s mind set for accepting it and adopting it at the same time. Social networks have played a very important role in spreading these changing trends and development of fashion.